WELCOME TO DUB FRATERNITY DUB FRATERNITY is a promotion company hosting a series of friendly competition dances involving Roots & Culture sound systems from all around the country in the UK. Each sound will take their turn in trying to outperform the winner of the previous event, the winner will then be invited back to play in the next event, and so on, hence the sub title "Winna Stay On" Each event will be judged on a points system by (3-5) judges in which their decision will be final. The unfortunate sound that loses on the night will then be allocated to the bottom of the list in the pecking order. The winner will get the privilege of being invited back to defend their title in the next event, and so on. Please note that there will be no guest list for any of these events, also please remember that these events fall under the category of "Friendly competition" and NOT a sound war involving the killing of sounds. RULES & REGULATIONS 1..All sounds to arrive 8pm or sooner before the start time (10pm) in order to set up and be tested before the doors open. 2..Each sound to play in the order arranged without exceeding their time limit. 3..No interference during the other sounds performance. 4..No unlawful MIC behaviour I.e. swearing or dissing of any individuals or sounds, also verbal abuse to any members of staff including judges will not be tolerated, any of these acts will result in immediate disqualification and an instant ban on all other events.

Scientist ....28 dec Trojan 7....11 jan Hytal rockers....25 jan Jah alliance....15 Feb Goverment....29 Feb Sirena....14 mar Enchanta....28 mar Ital power....11 april

Rasta yard....25 april Volcano....16 may Royal ascension.... 30 may One nation....13 June Sir Bastian....27 June Tafari warrior.... 11July Negus dub warrior.... 25 July

Sharpatone....15 Aug King Elijah....29 Aug Lion force....12 sept Natural progress.... 26 sept Champion music force.... 17 oct Jah Revelation..... 31 oct

There are no upcoming events right now.